Reiki: Healing With The Energy Of The Universe

Reiki: Healing With The Energy Of The Universe

Healing by laying on of hands? With Reiki, self-healing powers are activated. Anyone can learn that!

Relieving or even curing pain by simple contact? It sounds too simple, but it works.

For example with Reiki. The word Reiki (Ree – spoken Kieh) is Japanese and means translated “spiritual life energy”. Reiki is a Japanese healing method that stimulates the body to activate self-healing powers.

It is not linked to any religion and works even if you don’t believe in it.

In addition, Reiki triggers a deep, rapidly achieved and neurologically measurable relaxation: brain waves are in “alpha mode”, heart rate is slowed, breathing is deepened and muscle tension is reduced.

Reiki also promotes living processes, for example when you are tired, fall asleep or when you are excited, you become calmer.

Reiki stimulates detoxification. It is suspected that Reiki is so powerful because ultimately every disease begins with toxemia (= blood poisoning by bacterial toxins).

If Reiki stimulates detoxification, these toxins can be removed from the body better and faster. But Reiki does not replace a doctor or therapist!

The good thing is that everyone can learn the basics of Reiki during a weekend seminar.

However, Reiki is not only a technique, but also the way of the heart. To practice Reiki, you must participate in a 1st degree Reiki initiation. Reiki is not the proper power of the Reiki user.

Initiation is a small ritual in which Reiki is awakened in you. After this initiation, the Reiki energy circulates.

The prerequisites for this to work are as follows: the initiation ritual must be practiced correctly and the Reiki lineage of the Reiki practitioner must go back to the founder Mikao Usui.

Reiki was founded in 1922 by the Japanese Mikao Usui. The history of Reiki and the life history of Mikao Usui are written on a memorial stone near Usui’s tomb in Tokyo.

This inauguration lasts a lifetime. Reiki becomes more and more powerful over time, as the power of Reiki increases when applied daily. Get additional tips about Reiki Healing by clicking on this link:

After the initiation, each person is able to transfer Reiki to the palms of their hands.

Reiki flows through the user and exits through the palms of his hands. You can apply Reiki to yourself and others. You can put your hands on it or hold them on your body.

When you place your hands on your own body, Reiki automatically flows into the energy system, skin, blood, bones and organs.

Reiki applications can be done in a sitting or lying position. Reiki works through clothing, blankets and bandages.

If you use Reiki, you do not give your own energies and you do not manage other people’s illnesses.

This can be imagined as with a garden hose, if water constantly flows out of the hose, no dirt can enter the hose.

My personal strength with Reiki: I myself have experienced many “miracles” with Reiki.



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