Which Mattress Suits Me

Which Mattress Suits Me

A restful sleep contributes significantly to our health. Choosing the right mattress is therefore very important. In restful deep sleep phases, the body has the opportunity to process what it has experienced during the day and to regenerate itself. You should therefore choose a mattress that supports restful sleep. In our blog article, we have clearly summarized for you which mattress best suits your personal sleeping needs.

The right size

The right mattress size depends first of all on the size of your bedstead. If you are looking for a new bed anyway, the choice of size is of course much freer. As a general recommendation: The mattress should be approx. 20 cm longer than you.

This guarantees you sufficient room to move and thus a high level of sleeping comfort. Depending on whether you sleep alone or in pairs on the mattress, the width should also be adjusted. Some manufacturers offer special sizes and in the best case custom-made products. This also allows the mattress size to be individually adapted to your sleeping needs.

Which degree of firmness suits me?

The perception of a pleasant feeling when lying down varies greatly. The appropriate degree of firmness of a mattress therefore depends on individual preferences. In addition, there is no uniform standard for degrees of hardness, which means that each manufacturer defines the degree of hardness of the mattress differently.

In general, people with a rather heavy body stature should choose harder mattresses. People with a lighter physique should choose softer models. But even here, a choice that is too hard or too soft can cause back pain and poor sleep. The degree of firmness that is right for you should therefore be tested for a sufficient trial period.

As a general rule, a mattress should adapt individually to different body shapes. The right degree of firmness is given when the mattress allows the spine to be straight, the shoulder and pelvic area sink in optimally, and the hip and neck area are relieved by the mattress.

Latex mattresses, consisting of 100 % natural latex, have outstanding recovery properties, learn more on LA Weekly website. They adapt optimally to different body shapes and support the spine as well as the hip and shoulder area, while the pelvic area can sink in perfectly. Back pain is prevented and a pleasant feeling of lying is achieved.

The influence of the slatted frame

The setting of the slatted frame also has a significant influence on the hardness of the mattress. Immovable slats can increase the hardness by up to 40%. Resilient slats create a lying sensation that is up to 40% softer.

However, not all mattresses are suitable for this. As a rule, spring mattresses should not be placed on adjustable slatted frames as the inflexible springs can be damaged. Care should also be taken when adjusting individual slats in cold foam mattresses. If the distance is more than 5 cm, the mattress could be pushed through and the hollows in the mattress could harden. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, can be used with all slatted frames without any problems.

Healthy sleeping on the right material

The material composition of the mattress is largely responsible for a healthy sleeping climate. When looking for the right type of mattress, you should therefore pay attention to the material the mattress is made of. Only if the air inside the mattress can circulate well and the material is breathable, can moisture evaporate. Since everyone loses up to half a litre of body fluid through the skin at night, good air circulation is important. Moisture can thus evaporate and restful deep sleep phases are possible.

Latex mattresses made of 100 % natural latex, which naturally have antibacterial and mite-resistant properties, have very good material characteristics. Natural latex is naturally breathable and therefore provides a good sleeping climate. The sustainable production of natural latex mattresses, from natural and pollutant-free materials, also contributes to healthy sleep.

The innerspring mattress is also suitable for people who sweat a lot, as it has good air circulation. Cold foam mattresses also have breathable properties due to the air chambers incorporated in the foam core. However, during the chemical manufacturing process, chemicals are used which can spread unpleasant odours, especially at the beginning, and therefore have a negative effect on healthy sleep.


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